January 15, 2015

Prophetic Word

Passage: Prophetic Word for Liberty 2015 - A New Day!


“There is a new day for Liberty Church. I have been assembling the foundations - the building blocks for Liberty Church.

I have set up dreams for my children. You thought they were casual dreams - No! They had a purpose for I am setting a new direction for you. I had set the rudder but you were not ready to go but now you are. You- My children have listened to my heart. I have spoken knowledge. I have spoken my plans but now I will release wisdom. My wisdom drips from heaven and it is pure and perfect.

Now I will engage you with wisdom to pull down the enemy’s strongholds - he walks in fear at present, he has seen you grow in power and authority. Now he tries to delay your powerful march by whispering your imperfections to you. I already know them, my love has not diminished. I cannot turn off my love for you. Why do you keep believing his lies? He is a deceiver and trickster.

I am not. I love completely and whole heartedly. I will not hold back from you. The journey we have together is rich. It is like being immersed in chocolate syrup, sweet, thick and rich, and so is my love for you.

Now the time has come. The enemy’s tricks are old hat- to confuse, to doubt. When you walk in faith, he must flee. The atmosphere is too constrictive for him- he grows and prospers in fear and unbelief. Do not give him the key to your heart. Step out - I am here - I love you.”

I pray this word is a blessing to you, God bless

Warren Taylor 15 January 2015